As you may be a citizen from the European Union, protected by th GDPR act, we explain here our personal data and privacy policies that rules this website.

We do need to issue cookies, in order to have this website alive and kicking. These cookies are the most basical one, down to the ground level. In short, what we do is:

  • We DO deliver first party cookies from us that are essential to the site operating (e.g. administrator logins for the WordPress site)
  • We DO ┬átrack page views and website flows anonymously using first party tools.
  • We DO NOT have any advertising
  • We DO collect a minimun of your personal data, i.e., your name and e-mail address, so to notify you everytime we get news overhere. Otherwise, we couldn’t.
  • We KEEP your personal data away and safe of others. We don’t sell, give away or otherwise share your personal data to anyone.

The summary is that we have the bare minimum cookie and tracking that allows the site to function and ensures that your subscription or leave out are voluntary, and only serve to the purposes before mentioned.

Enjoy the website!