Original Knock Out Fighter Boxer Arcade Machine

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Original Knock Out Fighter Boxer Arcade Machine (perhaps Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling )
Boxers National Novelty c. 1928
This Coin Operated game is completely mechanical, and uses no electricity.
The knockout boxer’s fighters are controlled by two gun triggers on the pistol grip controlled the boxer’s two arms independently.
Each player must insert a coin for their manikin to box, using their handle.
When a boxer strikes a blow on his chin, this pushes in a pin which causes the manikin to fall down and collapse-a knockout, then the game is over.
The manikin can not stand back up to continue boxing until another coin is inserted.
One of the best ever arcade action games. KO – .
The back drop is in very nice condition.
Has a sturdy wood base, with a realistic ring A great looking machine Has lock and key.

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