HORNBY wind up train Complete Railway


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HORNBY wind up train Complete Railway LAY OUT (125 cms long)
circa 1920 made in England by Meccano ltd.
– Locomotive and 6 wagons (Castrol drums, Crane, Liverpool cable, Shell gasoline, Passenger and Tail)
-Rails for a complete circle
-3 Rail Hornby Houses: Station. Signal and Bus stop
-2 Hornby signals and 3 tel posts.
-6 Rail Station items: Luggage Tag writter,Weighing scale, Ticket dispenser,Phone booth , Mail box Rail End
-16 persons in different situations. I.E.: Ice crem selle, Newspaper seller, Luggage cariers,Station Chief( movable arm) woman siitting.
2 Luggage trucks 1 Dinky toys with 4 wooden boxes and 1 wind up MINIC Railway Transport up-to-scale truck ( England)

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